Last update: Wednesday, 29 November 2023

This is a now page, which I'll update to give you an overview of what I'm doing now. Inspired by Derek Sivers!



I've recently picked up a medium format camera: a Zenza Bronica ETRSi. It's a 6x4.5 (645) camera, taking 15 frames on a roll of 120 film. I have the AE-III Prism Finder E and the Speed Grip E accessories, which makes it feel a lot like using a big 35mm SLR with an autowinder. I haven't worked out when my particular camera was made, but it has to be somewhen between 1988 and 2004.

I still have my Pentax MX (two of them, in fact), but they really could do with a service. The X-sync isn't working right on either of them, and some of the slower shutter speeds are hit and miss on the black MX.


I've been on a big movie kick recently. As it happens, big tech have decided that they're going to make all the streaming services worse and split all the content that used to just be on the biggest one (Netflix) across many different ones. So take my advice and buy yourself Blu-Rays. Learn how to rip them. Install Jellyfin on your home server.

Films I've really loved recently:


Still a DevOps Engineer (my job title). If you have an opportunity, do send me an email.